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Shyre Precision Cleaning Machines are the leading choice for semiconductor industry professionals looking for reliable and efficient cleaning solutions. Our systems are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and precision, with a range of options and customisations available to suit the most demanding processes. 

Wet bench, automatic cleaning systems from Shyre are designed to provide the highest quality cleaning of wafers, tooling and other components used in semiconductor production. Our tools our certified to SEMI standards and can be integrated with SECS-GEM communication protocol and full batch tracking and datalogging for maximum control and visibility. 


  • Choice of ultrasonic cleaning frequencies
  • Range of aqueous, solvent or hybrid chemical processes.
  • Ionised air showers and air knives
  • IR, hot air, vacuum and solvent dry options

With our advanced technology and expertise, we ensure cleaning to the highest standards.

The Shyre Advantage:

  • Custom tooling design
  • Clean room integration
  • Wide range of customisation options
  • Batch and status data capture and reporting
  • SECS-GEM integration; control and monitoring
  • Certification to SEMI standards
  • Full Hardware and Process Support

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