About Shyre

The only Full-Service Supplier Offering Dip-Coating, Cleaning, and Bespoke Turn-Key Solutions to Industries. Delivering unrivalled service, multi-functional coating development and distribution alongside industry-leading machine engineering design and manufacturing. 

Producing effective, efficient product solutions as an experienced end-user, delivering more for our customers through our expert in-house team. 

Shyre was formed in 2013 by Lee Gough and Dan Hancu with a vision of developing disruptive new photochromic coating technologies for ophthalmic spectacle lenses. The company was highly focused on research and development, and in 2015 won business awards for Innovation and Best New Business as the new technologies started to be brought into the market.

As the company grew, the range of products increased to include other coating technologies such as anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings along with specially designed automated machines to deliver these processes. Furthermore, Shyre ventured into new markets such as precision cleaning for precision optics and semiconductor industries along with fluorescent penetrant testing for medical devices in the orthopaedic industry.​

Fundamental to the successful growth of the company is the high-quality standards maintained across all departments and most importantly displayed in the products and how they are produced. Most of the equipment manufactured at Shyre is installed overseas and into laboratory / clean room environments, hence quality and cleanliness are of paramount importance during all design and manufacturing steps.​

In 2019-20 The company underwent further rapid growth due to its successes in the market, taking on a new large distributor whilst expanding on our existing partnerships. This resulted in the team growing larger and the company moving into a brand new, especially configured facility. ​

Shyre still thrives on innovation and we see improvements and new ideas manifesting daily. The products get better and better, and the company grows stronger. We produce probably the most sophisticated systems in our industry, and constantly strive to advance our technologies and markets. ​

The full potential of the company has only just begun to be realised, and we fully anticipate further growth and success, both for Shyre and its customers and partners.​

Meet The Team

Meet the expert team at Shyre and read more about their extensive experience and how they offer more for businesses.

With over 25 years of experience, the Shyre team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise which are bringing innovation and revolutionising industries.

Lee Gough

• Co-Founder and Managing Director of Shyre
• Specialist in Optical Physics, Cleaning & Coating process, Control and Automation
• 15+ years experience​ in the optical and medical industries​

Dan Hancu​

• Chemical process specialist 15+ years​
• Developed novel and disruptive technologies​
• Experienced in sales and distribution ​
• Creates Shyre Chemistry​

Andrei Hancu​

• 25+ years process experience​
• Introduced new photochromic technologies​
• Specialist in lens casting​
• Consultant​

David Gough​

• 25+ years in cleaning technologies​
• Specialist in cleaning & coating process​
• Extensive experience in optical and medical industries​
• Deployed many processes still used in labs and factories worldwide​