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A brief introduction

1. Automated Coating Equipment

2. Photochromic Dip Coating

3. Brilliant Photochromic Lenses

'Make any lens photochromic; how about a photochromic gradient?'

Shyre’s Umbra is an innovative machine; technically advanced; incredibly easy to operate; reliable; inexpensive to run. Coat any material you want, control how dark the lenses get; the benefits are vast. Sunlenses with a pink photochromic gradient? No problem!

Other Products and Services

Versatile and Innovative

Anti-Scratch Coating

Available in both 1.5 and 1.6 refractive indices, The Shyre Shield hardcoat process augments the lenses' beauty and strength to industry leading levels without compromising on ease of use.

Anti-Fog Coating

EN168 N-Mark and EN166 K-Mark Certified for resistance against fog and surface damage by fine particles, Shyre Anti-Fog Coating combines excellent anti-fog properties without sacrificing scratch resistance, light transmission, or impact resistance.

Nano-Tint Coating

Shyre Tint Coat revolutionises tinting. Wide-spectrum nano-dye technology creates beautiful deep colouration applicable to any lens material. Shyre Tint Coat also incorporates UV radiation absorbing additives which protect the eyes and prevent lenses from fading and bleaching over time.


Shyre Solaris 156UV is a UV curable monomer used with Shyre's lens casting system but is also compatible with other benchtop casting systems. Available in both clear and photochromic; it is also available as a thermally cured resin.

Machines & Equipment

Shyre manufactures high end automated coating and cleaning equipment including bespoke flexible solutions for R&D applications. Shyre's design philosophy dictates all machines be high specification, high quality and low maintenance while remaining compact and energy efficient.


The Shyre team possess a wealth of technical and process expertise and experience, providing consultation and technical support to facilities all over the globe on a wide range of optical processes.


Shyre stock, or can supply a vast range of premium ophthalmic lenses, finished and semi-finished, clear and photochromic, coated or uncoated in the majority of materials. Low tolerance curves available on request.

Photochromic Materials

Shyre designed new photochromic dyes to perform in materials that would not typically accept photochromic molecules. Durability beyond that of normal dyes allow a wider range of applications including Photochromic spectacle frames, Injection Moulding and 3D Printing.

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